Wednesday, December 14, 2005


So this is a cry out to whoever might read this, all of the two people who are likely to. Hey, maybe I'll get lucky and someone will do a search for 'monsters' and find it. Anyway, this is one of those random jaunts into alternate realities. I go in search of....
okay, so I can come up with languages, cultures, maps, races, species, etc at the drop of a hat, but I'm completely stuck on these monsters. Usually because I don't find much use for them in my stories/worlds. But I'm in the middle of creating this world for a homespun RPG and find I need more monsters than I have in my collection of past works. Don't ask me why rpgs need such a preponderance of monsters but they sure seem to. I've flipped through Monster Manuals before, on rare occassions, but I don't want to pledgerize directly or anything. It is possible this might be published some day after all. So, what is your favorite monster? Favorite monster characteristic or concept? Anway, leave a comment if you have one and ask someone else and leave their comment, if you're feeling generous. If you're someone I know *hi Ben, hi lynn* I'll even let you know what monster I come up with via your comments!


Blogger brad said...

Jack the ripper, the Boston Strangler, The Green River Killer..true monsters

1:41 PM  
Blogger Meatpies said...

Those nasty little nymphs or pixies that are in the game Fable. Those ones that laugh at you as they hurt you.

3:03 PM  

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