Saturday, December 10, 2005

So yesterday I set up this blog, but didn't write anything as I was waiting for something particularly abhorant to hit me. It did, this morning as I was reading my emails I came across something that truly proves just how horrendous this world is. WARNING RANT AHEAD: In many places women can now sue for 'wrongful life' or 'wrongful birth'. You heard right "WRONGFUL LIFE"! The article that first keyed me into this practice involved a woman in Scotland that is suing her hospital for failing to abort one of her twin daughters. The child is now four years old and the woman is suing for the 'financial burden' of her unwanted child. In the abortion industry a live birth is called "the dreaded complication". Not injuring the mother, not tearing a living being apart piece by piece, not even killing the mother gets this distinction, no, only a live birth falls under this moniker. Despite what anyone could think of abortion, and don't misunderstand that comment I am fully against it, how could anyone even consider suing for wrongful birth? Anyone ever heard of adoption? Look, lady, if you don't want the kid, there are plenty of people who do. If for no other reason this is why abortion is so horrible. There are so many people who wish for a child, who would be more than happy to take this woman's unwanted get. Everytime someone has an abortion, and certianly everytime someone does something as brainless as sue for a live birth they tell everyone who has been adopted that they are better off dead. After all, isn't that what this boils down to? Instead of giving up a child for adoption as people had done for ages, people would rather kill the child. God forbid they fail in their attempted murder of their own offspring people now have the ability to sue for support and damages. This woman's kid of four years old! If she doesn't want her why didn't she give her daughter up for adoption? Can you imagine being that poor little girl? The mother currently has said she has no idea what she will tell her daughter but "maybe when she is nine or ten I will sit her down and explain it to her." What horror to imagine that conversation. Instead of letting an adoptive mother explain to a ten year old 'you grew in mom's heart not her stomach and you are our true and loved daughter' that woman would rather sit down and tell her daughter that 'I killed your twin sister and tried to kill you but the doctor messed up and that's why mommy gets a check every month to help raise you because its really their fault and responsibility that you are alive.' And people wonder why suicide is happening at younger and younger ages! My husband and I both work and raising a child right now would be difficult, but with all my heart I would welcome and love this child and any other who's biological parents have decided that death is preferable to life. This precious child is four years old and her mother STILL wants her dead, makes it clear how close we are to infantacide doesn't it? And do not mistake this for some insanity across the sea, these cases have happened in Canada and even here in the US! In the words of a California pro-abortion speaker unwanted pregnacies are, after all "a disease, the recommended treatment for which is abortion." So sure, why not sue your doctor for failing to 'cure' you, for allowing this 'disease' to run its course and produce a babe in arms?


Blogger Meatpies said...

*stands up and applauds* BRAVO!!!

It's completely stupid to blame someone else for your own lack of judgement. If a baby would be a financial burden, don't get pregnant. Gee, I figured that out on my own, so it can't be rocket science!!

Nice blog!

1:48 PM  
Blogger brad said...

While I agree that abortion is abhorent, and certainly should NOT be considered a form of birth control, I do see that there can be acceptable reasons for aborting a child.. for example, if the fact of the child's life in the womb or birth would seriously threaten the life of the mother, or in cases of child pregnancy resulting from abuse/rape.

1:07 PM  
Blogger mike said...

VERY NICE!! The arguments against you (threat to mother, rape, etc.) are a miniscule percentage of abortion reasons. Yet these are used repeatedly to justify the ultra-convenience abortion provides to many an irresponsible parent.

3:53 PM  

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