Thursday, November 04, 2010

The first of many, hopefully

My daughter (7 months) is sitting on the floor unrolling paper towels. But it's cute and I'll clean it up later.
I have been badly ignoring this blog for years, not from any real lack of intrest, but because it just always ends up being too far down on the list of things to be done to ever get done. I'm going to try to change that. Of course right now it really should be lower down the list, I have a Princapality Dragon Master to prepare for this week, but now is as good as ever.
Most of my posts have been long. I'm a writer, more to the point I'm a novelist. My high school creative writing teacher's stated goal was for me to turn in an assignment under 2 pages. She didn't get her wish. It's almost impossible for me to say anything of substance in less than 3 pages. In school I didn't ask how long the paper had to be I asked what the maximum length was, then I messed wih the margins to get another paragraph or two in.
That being said I don't actually have internet access right now, at least not in the normal sense. I have a internet capable cell with a qwerty keyboard aproximately 1in by 3 1/2 in total. So, while I can navigate, surf, read, even comment/reply, writing a standard 3-5 page discussion is a bit more than I want to commit to. What I will commit to is doing my best to post some short notes on topics that catch my interest.
Right now though, I need to work on a jewled belt that still needs a great deal of work. 'Til next time. Tz a maisve.


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